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College of Medicine | Graduation Requirements

Candidates for the M.D. degree must be over 21 years of age, must be of good moral character, and must have completed the prescribed course of study. Students are not awarded their degrees after completion of any prescribed number of courses or after passing a prescribed number of examinations. Degrees are awarded when the faculty believes the students have attained sufficient maturity of thought and proficiency in medicine. If a student fails to graduate, he/she does not fail in any one branch of medicine but is judged by the faculty to be unqualified for the practice of medicine as a whole.

Students enrolled in the College of Medicine will have six (6) years from the date of matriculation to complete their degree for Doctor of Medicine. Students who are pursuing a combined degree of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy will have eight (8) years in which to complete that dual degree. If a student fails to complete their degree within the specified time, they will be recommended for dismissal by the Progress Committee.

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