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Doctor of Dental Medicine | Admission Requirements

The College of Dental Medicine offers a four-year program which leads to a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree.

Admissions Application Procedures
The College of Dental Medicine is a participant in the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and utilizes the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Applicants may complete the AADSAS application online at between June 1 and December 1. The AADSAS application is used as a preliminary admission screening by the College of Dental Medicine Admissions Committee. AADSAS charges a fee for processing the application.

Applicants must also complete a supplementary MUSC application online. Supplemental applications are accepted between July 1 and January 15 of the following year. There is a nonrefundable fee for processing the supplementary application. Personal interviews with Admission Committee members are also required before a final admission decision is made.

Selection of the class is usually completed by April 15. Applicants must respond to an acceptance offer within 30 days (unless otherwise indicated) and must deposit a matriculation fee to hold a place in the class.

For details concerning specific and required fees, please refer to the Schedule of Academic Charges.

Entrance Requirements
Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores less than five years old are required for admission into the first-year class. Preference is given to applicants who have completed four years of college work and have earned a baccalaureate degree. In rare circumstances a minimum of three years of exemplary college work (90 semester hours) to include exceptional science GPA and superior DAT scores may be considered. The following pre-dental courses are required:

Subject Semester Hours
Organic chemistry8
Inorganic chemistry (qualitative analysis)8
Biology or zoology8
English composition6
Science electives (microbiology, biochemistry, comparative anatomy, genetics, etc.)8
Each of the science courses requires that two of the eight semester hours are laboratory work. The biology/ zoology requirement may be satisfied by taking four semester hours each in zoology and botany but not by botany alone. Introductory college courses will satisfy the English and math requirements. The following are additional suggested electives for pre-dental students:
SubjectSemester Hours
Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, and Pharmacology3-8
Business, Finance, Accounting 8

Information about the transfer course articulation among South Carolina colleges and universities may be found at

The DAT should be taken no later than the fall of the year preceding the year in which the applicant wishes to be admitted. DAT registration packets are available from pre-dental advisors or by writing the Office of Enrollment Services. All examinations are now administered electronically by appointment. Contact the American Dental Association at (312) 440-2689 and ask for the DAT office.

Selection Factors
Selection is based on the applicant’s total attributes, accomplishments, and potential for growth in the field of dental medicine. Intellectual ability is judged by the grade point average (GPA) and DAT scores. While undoubtedly important, the ability to accumulate and assimilate scientific facts is not sufficient. Letters of recommendation and personal interviews are used to evaluate the applicant’s noncognitive traits such as adaptability, purpose in life, and ability to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

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