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Stress and Eating: 5-Minute Video

Josh Brown, PhD 843-792-2273

Q: Do you have stress in your life?
A: Duh, who doesn't?!

Q: What time of the week is most stressful?
A: You're lookin' at it. Tuesdays around 10:00 AM. Research shows this to be the most stressful time of the whole week; this is when our Monday dawdling catches up to us and we realize that we've already gotten behind... and it's only Tuesday morning!

Q: Do you sometimes find yourself eating because you're stressed?
A: Probably, many people do.

Q: Can stress-eating cause you problems?
A: Yes, not only can it contribute to weight gain, but it often contributes to weight gain around your mid-section, which is where it's most dangerous to your health.

Josh Brown, PhD, a licensed psychologist at the MUSC Weight Management Center talks a lot with patients about stress and eating. He now shares that info with you. Visit the following link to view the video presentation on stress and eating: (scroll about half-way down the page). So, take a 5-minute break from your stressful workday to watch. There is no sound, but it is illustrated so that it's easy to follow (okay, so there is 1 slide with a little sound, but it's not critical to the presentation - so, you can still watch while flying under the radar).

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