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May 16 - Comprehensive SPARC Catalog Available


Success Center 843-792-8300

Hello from the Epic Research Implementation Team!

We are happy to announce that SPARC now houses a full catalog of research services. These services include Radiology, Professional and Hospital services, MUHA Laboratory, Investigational Drug Services (to communicate study medication build for Epic), a variety of Cores and Facilities, and all SCTR services. While we have tried to create a catalog that is as comprehensive as possible, if for any reason your study requires a service that is not listed, please call the SUCCESS Center (843-792-8300) or email (

If you replied to our initial request for study-specific data (protocol title, short title, PI, etc.), the shell of your study should already exist in SPARC for you and can be located on your User Dashboard at If your study does not exist, SPARC will walk you through the process of creating a new study.

Starting tomorrow, May 16, SPARC will be open and ready for all study teams to request their study-specific services and build their study calendars that will subsequently route charges appropriately in Epic. If you or your study team has any questions or is having any difficulty, we are offering a number of Hands-On Trainings in addition to our SPARC/Epic Prerequisite Course. A list of Hands-On Trainings can be located at

A list of SPARC/Epic Prerequisite classes is located below:
Friday, 5/16 - 5-7pm
Monday, 5/19 - 11-1pm
Thursday, 5/22 - 9-11am
Tuesday, 5/27 - 3-5pm
Thursday, 5/29 - 2-4pm
Monday, 6/2 - 12:30 - 2:30pm
Thursday, 6/5 - 11-1pm
Friday, 6/6 - 1-3pm
Tuesday, 6/10 - 9-11am
Thursday, 6/12 - 2-4pm

To sign up, please contact the SUCCESS Center. To sign up for the Epic Research 100 hands-on class, please visit CATTS.

The expectation is that all study services will be requested and all study calendars will be created in SPARC by June 20.

We are excited about this joint venture with you and your study teams!
Thanks for making research possible at MUSC,

The Epic Research Implementation Team

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300