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Better Resiliency Among Veterans with Omega-3's (BRAVO)

(Volunteers for research)

Chris or Andrew 888-322-6884

BRAVO is a voluntary research study at MUSC to learn if omega-3 fatty acids can reduce self-harm behaviors, negative thoughts, and problems that put veterans at risk of suicide. Participation is voluntary, will not in any way affect veterans' access to health care or benefits, and will not interfere with any existing treatments.

Is BRAVO right for you? We are seeking veterans to volunteer for the BRAVO study who have experienced suicidal thinking or behaviors or veterans who feel they may be at risk.

Are you a veteran? Have you thought about harming yourself? Are your family or friends worried about the possibility that you might harm yourself? Have you been admitted to a hospital because of suicide risk recently?
Have you deliberately harmed yourself or tried to commit suicide recently?

For more information about the BRAVO study, please call 888-322-6884 or email

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300