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Living Trusts vs. Wills - Estate Planning Awareness Month


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The Office of Gift Planning at MUSC has designated the month of May as Estate Planning Awareness Month on campus. Every Tuesday and Thursday in May, we'll send out a Broadcast Message with a different topic to help you learn about planning and updating your estate plan.

Living Trusts vs. Wills
When preparing an estate plan one of the strategic decisions you will have to make, with the help of your estate planning attorney, is whether to have a will, a trust, or both.

Learn about the differences between a living trust and a will, and why you might choose one over the other:

Four Reasons You May Need a Living Trust
If you peruse the financial pages or spend much time exploring the tools of financial planning, you're familiar with the term "trust." A trust is an arrangement whereby a designated person, called the "trustee," invests and manages specific assets for the express benefit of the "beneficiary." A trust can be created at death, through instructions in a will or during one's lifetime to become operable immediately. The latter is referred to as a "Living Trust."

In recent years, the living trust has become increasingly popular, and a living trust may be an ideal planning tool for you and your family for many reasons. Read about Four of the Reasons You May Need a Living Trust by visiting our website:

We can provide you with a Will and Trust Planning Guide to help you protect your estate and family. Send us an email with WILLS KIT as your subject, and we will promptly send you a helpful Wills Kit.

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