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Special Needs Shopping Cart at Earth Day on Tuesday

(Arts/Entertainment/Community Events)

April 15
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Horseshoe and Portico
Caroline 843-792-9745

See Caroline's Cart (on display in the Children's Hospital lobby through April 22) and at the Earth Day event next Tuesday: seat insert for a Special Needs person is made here locally in Mount Pleasant by Multiplastics, Inc. This insert is made out of recycled plastic (PET or Polyethelene or the kind of plastic used in detergent bottles, drink bottles, other containers) and is added to a cart that is made by the largest shopping cart manufacturer located in Newton, North Carolina. To find out how to get your local store to order one:
Watch a short video to meet Caroline and her mom:
Charleston Regional Business Journal covered this news as well:

This Special Needs cart is available in stores around the country but not in South Carolina so here is how you can help: take a flyer out of the cart (or email for a printable pdf) and take it to your store so that they can order one. You could change the life of our patients and their families by making a trip to the store a treat instead of a chore!

And this is only one of the many (over 60!) Earth Friendly exhibits, demonstrations and activities during Earth Day on April 15 in the horseshoe. We have tents so event will happen rain or shine! Sign up for one of the 15 awesome door prizes at the Recycling table:
- Kona Ice party - one hour, you schedule it!
- Gold Pass from Charleston County Parks
- Box of fresh produce from Pinckney Farm CSA
- Non-toxic landscape and pest control supplies from Possum
- Two Backpacks and recycled cotton and 5 polo shirts with MUSC logo
- Jewelry made of recycled materials
- Coffee, Preserves, Kettle Corn and Honey
- Set of 3 soy candles
- Reusable cups from Charleston County Library
- Refillable water bottles from APP/MUSC Uniforms
- B2P = Bottle to Pens or recycled plastic pens from Office Max

Enjoy new exhibits and demonstrations:
- Environmental Health Exhibit: Research Poster and photographs of sentinel species by Lou Guillette, PhD, Endowed Chair of Marine Genomics
- MUSC Coalition for Prevention will demonstrate how to make your own lip balm and will distribute free copies of their Healthy Living Pocket Guide which contains useful tips for limiting harmful environmental exposure and eating well
- Schneider Tree Care: free Dwarf Evergreen seeds and home directions for planting
- Vertical Aeroponic Gardening: learn how to grow 30% more without dirt
- Solar Energy Solutions: turn-key solar electric and hot water solutions
- Soil Analysis - bring soil sample from your garden to get expert advice; collect your sample this weekend; see instructions on the web site:
- Legare Farms will have vegetable plants, jams, pickles, salsas, and eggs for sale
- Recycled products like Caroline's Cart: a shopping cart with a recycled plastic insert to accommodate Special Needs patients will be on display as well as many other items made of plastic and other recycled materials.

Stop by the CARTA table to learn about a stress free commute, Coastal Conservation League, East Cooper Land Trust and many other NPOs will be here to share their knowledge and advice on how to be better stewards of your environment!

For more information and a full list of exhibitors:
LIKE MUSCGoGreen on facebook
Thank you for your support of MUSC's effort to lessen our impact on the environment!

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