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Weight Management Center - Cold Weather Factoids

(Employee Wellness)

Josh Brown, PhD 843-792-2273

The MUSC Weight Management Center hopes everyone is staying safe and warm on this cold, snowy, icy Wednesday. A few cold weather factoids over your hot cocoa...

- Ice Skating burns 637 calories/hour
- Snow Shoveling: 347 calories/hour
- Snow Blowing (while walking): 432 calories/hour
*all assume a 200 lb person

Endocrinologists have also recently suggested that exposure to mild cold temperatures might aid weight loss. Exposure to mild cold actives so-called brown body fat, which causes the body to produce more heat in an effort to warm. So, if your home or office happens to be a bit chillier than usual, take solace in knowing that (theoretically) you are burning more calories than you would were it warmer (we realize there will be no solace if your cold due to power outage).

In all seriousness, we do hope everyone is staying safe and sound, and if you're not having to be at work, that you're all bundled up with family and friends.

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