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Men ages 60-80 are invited to participate in a brain MRI study

(Volunteers for research)
Brianna Jones 843-792-2080

Are you interested in a study of brain aging?

The purpose of this study is to develop advanced brain MRI techniques to improve our understanding of the aging brain, and to develop strategies for the early detection of dementia.

If you:
- Are male
- Are between the ages of 60-80
- Are generally healthy
- Do not have problems with your memory and other thinking skills, beyond what can be expected with age
- Are interested in participating in a study that involves:

(Study Visit-A) A non-invasive MRI scan and testing of your memory and thinking skills (a 4-hour study visit), and

(Study Visit-B) Vitals, physical measurements (e.g. height, weight, waist/hip circumference), and a fasting blood draw (to be done 1-7 days after Study Visit-A)

...You may be eligible for the study!

If you would like more information, fill out a questionnaire online ( or call Project Coordinator Brianna Jones (843) 792-?2080.

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300