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Temporary Changes to Visitor Parking and Bus Stops Serving Harborview Tower and Lockwood Parking Lot


Beginning September 30
Mike Bouissey 303-8640 792-7698

Weather permitting, repair and repaving of the visitor parking lot on the south side (Spring Street side) of Harborview Office Tower will begin on Monday, September 30. There can be no through traffic until the work is finished around the end of October. The following provisions are being made for users of the MUSC transit system and for visitors who need to park at Harborview Tower while on business there.

The bus stop for Harborview Tower and student AA lot will be temporarily relocated to Hagood Avenue just south of the entrance to the HT parking garage.

The bus stop for the Lockwood lot and student BB lot will be temporarily relocated to Lockwood Drive outside of and just north of the Lockwood lot entrance/exit.

Visitors who drive to Harborview Tower may park in the visitor spaces that are located on the west end of the building. The garage entrance and exit gates will be in the open and upright position so that visitors may pass from Hagood Avenue through the garage to the visitor spaces. The rear driveway repaving is complete and open for exits from visitor parking and from the garage.

While the garage gates are open, parking enforcement of the garage will be increased to prevent unauthorized use of the facility.

This project is sponsored and funded by the MUSC Office of Parking Management. We hope that the improvements will more than make up for any inconvenience experienced over the next few weeks.

Mike Bouissey, Parking Maintenance and Repair Supervisor (303-8640)
Jim Roche, Manager, Parking Enforcement and Field Activities (478-7022)

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300