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Schwartz Center Rounds - "To Err is Human: Making Mistakes While Providing Care"


August 2
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Room 125, Gazes Auditorium
Ramita Bonadonna, PhD, RN 792-6657

Panelists for the August 2 Schwartz Center Rounds include Karl Byrne, MD; Deborah O'Donnell, JD, BSN; and Sheila Scarbrough, RN, MSN. discussing "To Err is Human: Making Mistakes While Providing Care."

Lunch provided for the first 75 attendees who turn in evaluations.

- Schwartz Rounds are a multidisciplinary
forum where caregivers discuss difficult,
emotional and social issues that arise in
caring for patients.
- Schwartz Rounds are very different from
clinical or ethic rounds.
- Rounds were piloted at Mass General Hospital
in Boston in 1997 and have been held monthly
there since. Currently, the Rounds are held
at 165 sites in 30 states.
- We hope you will find the Rounds a safe,
comfortable forum where you can learn from
and support each other.

The Mission of the Kenneth B. Schwartz Center
- is to promote compassionate health care and
strengthen the relationship between patients
and caregivers, and
- is focused on fostering relationships "that
provide hope to the patient, support to
caregivers and sustenance to the healing
processing." Please come and bring a

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300