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shRNA Shared Technology Resource


United States
Dr. David P Turner 792-8011

shRNA Shared Technology Resource

- The resource provides easy and affordable access to the largest genome wide human and mouse library of short hairpin RNA (shRNA) vectors
- shRNA inhibits target gene expression via RNA interference to prevent protein expression
- Knockdown your target gene(s) of interest easily and reliably using the most validated short hairpin libraries available
- Target single genes of gene family sets as well as pathway specific pooled libraries
- Vectors are available to all MUSC investigators at a cost of $20.00 each
- The resource will also provide protocol and troubleshooting guidance to all investigators

Further information regarding the resource can be found at:

Please contact the resource director with all questions and inquiries at:

shRNA Library Features
- Largest and most validated shRNA collection
- Human Library: 20,018 genes, 129,695 clones (1500-96 well plates)
- Mouse Library: 21,171 genes, 118,062 clones (1374-96 well plates)
- Hairpins comprised of a 21mer base stem and a 6 base loop designed against NCBI REFSEQ
- Sequence, specificity and position scoring with the Broad Institute algorithm
- A minimum of 3-5 shRNA constructs are created for each target gene to provide varying levels of knockdown and to target different regions of mRNA transcript
- For any given RefSeq, there is often a shRNA clone targeting the 3'UTR for use in phenotypic rescue studies using cDNA expression constructs.

Lentiviral Vector Features:
- shRNA cloned into the pLKO vector developed by the Broad Institute
- Allows for both stable or transient transfection
- self-inactivating replication incompetent viral particles can be produced in packaging cells (HEK293T) by co-transfection with compatible packaging plasmids
- Stable gene silencing is selected using the puromycin selectable marker
- Integrates for long-term knockdown
- Transduces virtually any cell type (dividing or non-dividing)
- No interferon response
- Lack of recombination issues

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