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Harborview Tower Driveway and Visitor Parking Area Paving Project


Melinda Anderson, CAPP 792-2597

A project to repair and repave the visitor parking areas and the driveway serving Harborview Towers began on Monday, July 8. The project end date is September 15 assuming no weather delays. The project will be carried out in three phases.

Phase I: The parking area and driveway on the west end of the garage from the right side of the garage exit lane along the back side of the garage to Hagood Avenue. During Phase I exiting traffic from the garage and from the HT visitor parking area will be by way of the Lockwood parking lot. The entry gates into the Lockwood lot from Harborview and the exit gate from the Lockwood lot onto Lockwood Drive will be in the open and upright position during this phase of the work. Parking enforcement will monitor the Lockwood lot to prevent unauthorized parking in Lockwood during the period that the exit gates are open. Phase I is estimated to take 2 - 3 weeks, depending upon the weather.

Phase I-a: The garage exit lane and ramp. The first weekend following the completion of Phase I the garage exit lane and ramp will be repaired. The schedule is to complete this phase on the weekend to prevent disruption of the garage's normal operations.

Phase II: The parking area and driveway to the left of the garage exit lane up to the main driveway and parking gates. This phase will take approximately 1 - 2 weeks depending on the weather. During this time the exiting traffic from the garage will be restored to its normal traffic pattern. Lockwood gates will be in the closed and operating mode. MUSC and CARTA buses will continue to exit in the usual way through the gate into the Lockwood lot. Visitors exiting from the visitor parking area will be directed out the same way they came in. Appropriate traffic controls will be established to ensure the safety of all incoming and exiting bus and vehicle traffic.

Phase III: The main driveway and visitor parking area. This phase will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to complete. The contractor will attempt to keep one lane of traffic open to support the shuttle bus operations. Visitor parking will be relocated to the Student parking lot at the entrance to the main driveway.

Adjustment of the shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off area may be necessary if the contract work is interrupted or the safety of the busses is jeopardized. In that event, appropriate signage and a separate Broadcast Notice will be promulgated.

Contact Mike Bouissey, OPM Maintenance and Repair Supervisor, 792-7698 or
Melinda Anderson, CAPP, Director, 792-2597

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300