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Stress and Eating: 5-Minute Video

Josh Brown, PhD 792-2273

Q: Do you have stress in your life?
A: Duh, who doesn't?!

Q: Do you sometimes find yourself eating because you're stressed?
A: Probably, many people do.

Q: Can stress-eating cause you problems?
A: Yes, not only can it contribute to weight gain, but it often contributes to weight gain around your mid-section, which is where it's most dangerous to your health.

Josh Brown, PhD, a licensed psychologist at the MUSC Weight Management Center talks a lot with patients about stress and eating. He now shares that info with you. Visit the following link to view the video presentation on stress and eating: So, take a 5-minute break from your stressful workday to watch. There is no sound, but it is illustrated so that it's easy to follow (okay, so there is 1 slide with a little sound, but it's not critical to the presentation - so, you can still watch while flying under the radar).

This video is also posted on the MUSC Weight Management Center Facebook page. If you've not already joined us on Facebook, what're you waiting for? Join us here: for more weight management tips, healthy (and delicious) recipes, the latest weight-related research and news stories, local restaurant meal nutrition analysis, official WMC announcements, etc - all while we have fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

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