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May is National Bike Month - Bike Safety Tip

(Employee Wellness)

Regina Creech - Trauma Injury Prevention 792-1068

May is National Bike Month!

Bike Safety Tip of the Day:

Take extra precautions when riding on a roadway. Bicycles are smaller than motor vehicles, and don't protect the operator like a motor vehicle.

You Should:
Ride far enough away from the curb to avoid the unexpected from parked cars (i.e. opening doors or drivers pulling out without checking).

Keep control of your bicycle: look behind you while maintaining your bicycle in a straight path; be able to ride with one hand on the handlebars and signal a turn.

Always look over your shoulder, and if possible, signal before changing lanes.

Make sure that books, clothes, and other items are securely attached to the bicycle or carried in a backpack.

Use bells, horns, or your voice to alert pedestrians and bicyclists that your are approaching or passing.

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