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May is Bike Month - Bike Safety Tip

(Employee Wellness)

Regina Creech - Trauma Injury Prevention 792-1068

May is National Bike Month!

Bike Safety Tip of the Day -
Assure Bicycle Readiness. Ensure Proper Function.

Check Your Equipment:

Check all parts of your bicycle to make sure they are secure and working well
- Handlebars should be firmly in place and turn easily
- Wheels must be straight and secure; quick-release wheels must be secured (consult your owner's manual)
- Brakes need adjusting by an experienced technician if:
You cannot stop quickly
You apply the hand brake levers and they touch the handlebars
The brake pads are worn unevenly
The brake pads are separated more than one-eighth of an inch from the rim

Consult an experienced technician at a local bicycle shop if you have questions or concerns about bike maintenance.

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