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ISMP Newsletter for March 7, 2013

(Announcements/Newsletters - Hospital)

Maureen Sheakley, Pharm D

The latest ISMP Medication Safety Alert can be found at:

- Survey results: Community liaison programs to decrease hospital readmissions
- Safety Briefs
o Peculiar packaging for Priftin (rifapentine)
o QC for barcodes
o Confusion between two HER2-targeted monoclonal antibodies: Kadcycla? and Herceptin?
o "IT" abbreviation misunderstood
- ISMP Webinars:
o March 14: Reducing IV-admixture related safety risks
o April 23: Safety strategies with oral chemotherapy
- ISMP Readership survey

Maureen Sheakley, Pharm D
Medication Safety Coordinator
Dept of Pharmacy Services
Medical University of South Carolina
150 Ashley Ave
PO Box 250584
Charleston, SC 29425

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300