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Lose Weight and Save in the Checkout Lane!

(Employee Wellness)
Josh Brown, PhD 792-2273

You're probably thinking I'm going to say that by losing weight you'll be eating less, and thus save money at the grocery store. While that is probably true, that's not what I mean.

Many people believe that eating healthier costs more money. However, this isn't necessarily true. According to the USDA, the typical weekly cost of food is $87 for a woman and $93 for a man. The MUSC Weight Management Center's most popular program, the Focus program, includes meal replacement products that provide most of your daily nutritional intake for the first 8 weeks of the program. Your savings in food during those 8 weeks alone could easily cover half the cost of the program!

The Focus program is a 15-week intensive lifestyle change program designed to induce larger initial weight losses than traditional lifestyle change programs. We also have extended versions of our Focus program (i.e., 23 and 27 weeks). Visit the above link to learn more about our Focus program, as well as our other popular programs.

We offer free program orientations to help you decide which of our programs is best for you. We now also offer a Virtual Program Orientation, for those who might have difficulty coming in to see us.

As MUSC/MUHA/UMA employees, you have the added benefit of being able to payroll deduct your program, typically over 12 months (with no down payment and no interest).

MUSC Weight Management Center

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300