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National Sleep Awareness Week - Take the Better Sleep Challenge

(Announcements/Newsletters - Hospital)

March 3 - 10
Joe Secondary

In honor of national sleep awareness week, MUSC Sleep Center is inviting you to take the Better Sleep Challenge during sleep awareness week. One week in which in which you commit to lifestyle changes that will have a positive effect on you sleep.

Day 1 Sunday, March 3 - One week in which you go to bed at the same time each night even on the weekends. Work to improve your personal sleep habits. The best way to get the 8 hours of sleep needed is to go bed at the same time every evening wake at the same time every morning.

Sleep Fact of the Day: Although we often think about sleep as a luxury that ambitious or active people cannot afford, research shows that getting enough sleep is a biological necessity. It's as important to good health as eating well or exercising.

Day 2 Monday, March 4 - Technology free at least one hour before bedtime. Starting a minimum of 1 hour prior to bed time: turn off tv: put away cell phone, laptop, gaming devices, tablets, etc.

Sleep Fact of the Day: Although researchers have linked technology use before bed to worsened sleep, sleep surveys conducted by the National Sleep Foundation find that computer or laptop use before bed is common, especially for teens. 55% of those aged 13-18 report surfing the web every night or almost every night within the hour before sleep. 56% report sending, reading or receiving text messages in this same period. And 15% report being awakened by a cell phone call, text or email at least a few nights per week.

Sleep is a necessity; not a luxury.

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