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A Series on Teaching Offered by Apple Tree


Beginning 6-part Series Feburary 14
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm
Mary Mauldin, Chair, Apple Tree Society

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider joining us for the following series sponsored by the Apple Tree Society.

Also, please note changes from original email:

1. April 16 and June 5 are slight changes in dates of sessions

2. Title of last session changed to "Assembling Your Teaching Portfolio"

Foundations in Teaching and Learning: A Series for Educators

A 6-part series for faculty new to teaching*, providing opportunities for learning, networking, and mentoring.

To Be Announced

12:00 - 1:00pm

Dates / Topics:
February 14 - Getting Ready to Teach
March 6 - Instructional Design
March 25 - Teaching Methods
April 16 - Assessment, Part I
May 6 - Assessment, Part II
June 5 - Assembling Your Teaching Portfolio

Participants will complete out of class assignments and engage in interactive sessions, mentoring, shadowing, and other experiences useful for building a teaching portfolio.

* Participation from faculty with less than five years of experience is highly encouraged, and the series is open to any educator interested in improving their teaching skills.


Registration Deadline: January 31

Looking forward to learning together!

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300