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How to Recycle your Christmas Tree and Decorations



How to recycle your Christmas tree:

Let's start a new holiday tradition and take one more step to lessen our environmental footprint during the holiday season and throughout the New Year:

If your tree is a live one, plant it and watch it grow in your back yard. If your purchased a cut pine tree, both the tree and any greenery can be recycled into compost (please remember to remove all decor such as stand, lights, tinsel, ornaments). Curbside pick up will take it all to the Bees Ferry Landing Compost Facility.

All paper, including gift wrap and cardboard, and commingled products (plastics #1-7, glass containers and aluminum and steel cans) can also be recycled through the curbside program and at the numerous drop-site locations and convenience centers located throughout the county. The convenience centers also accept used motor oil and cooking oil, electronics, household hazardous materials, batteries, paint, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and holiday light strands.

Charleston County Environmental Management Holiday Schedule
Curbside recycling pickup will be running on a holiday schedule. If your recycle day falls on Tuesday, Dec. 25, you will receive recycling service on the next day, Wednesday, Dec. 26. For the remainder of the week, your pick up day will occur on the day directly following your regularly scheduled pick-up day. If your recycle day is on Tuesday, Jan. 1, you will receive recycling service on the next day, Wednesday, Jan. 2 and the remainder of the week will receive service on the day following your regularly scheduled pick-up day.

For more information on what, how and when your stuff can be recycled:

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300