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Enjoy the Holidays Without the Weight Gain: Tips from the MUSC Weight Management Center

Josh Brown, PhD 792-2273

How much do people really gain over the holidays?

How long would you have to walk to burn off a traditional holiday meal?

How can you reduce the calories in your holiday meals?

*The answers will probably surprise you! (click link above and then scroll about half way down the page)

The professionals at the MUSC Weight Management Center have put together a list of the most useful dietary, exercise, and behavioral tips for maintaining your weight over the holidays. Click the link above for useful facts and tips for how to both, enjoy the holidays AND maintain your weight. You can view our PowerPoint presentation and also download our handout, which has the complete list of tips as well as healthy modifications to some traditional holiday recipes. We encourage you to share this information with others, including your officemates.

We, at the MUSC Weight Management Center, would like to wish you and yours an enjoyable, safe, and waist-friendly holiday season!

Whether you've got a little or a lot to lose.

* Note: Enroll in December 2012 and save 13% on any of our most popular programs - this is greater than our upcoming 10% New Year's discount. You can even wait to start in January, if you'd like!

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