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January 3: Addiction Research Seminar: "Intermittent Smoking: Do We Need A New Model of Dependence?"


Jennifer Peterson

Intermittent Smoking: Do we Need a New Model of Dependence?

Saul Shiffman, PhD
Professor of Psychology and Pharmaceutical Science
University of Pittsburgh

Thursday, January 3, 2013
12:00 pm
Institute of Psychiatry Auditorium

Saul Shiffman, PhD, is a world-renowned researcher in the fields of behavior change and relapse, self-management and self-control, field research methodology, statistical analysis, and addiction and dependence. Dr. Shiffman's research has concentrated on the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of cigarette smoking and nicotine dependence. His work includes studies of the nicotine withdrawal syndrome, the process of relapse following smoking cessation, and individual differences in nicotine dependence. His contributions include the development of Ecological Momentary Assessment methods for computer monitoring of real-time experience in people's natural environments. He has published over 300 published papers on a variety of topics related to psychopharmacology, substance abuse, dependence, relapse, coping, and computerized assessments of behavior, and has contributed to several editions of the U.S. Surgeon General's Report on smoking and health.

View Dr. Shiffman's publications available on PubMed:

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