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3 Weight Loss Classes - Results from "Lunchtime Losers" and "Happy Healthy Hour"

(Employee Wellness)
Josh Brown, PhD 792-2273

We now have 3 10-week weight loss classes currently underway. We have 2 "Lunchtime Losers" classes (1 on campus and the other at UMA Parkshore Centre), as well as our evening-time version, "Happy Healthy Hour" at the MUSC Children's Hospital.

Our "Lunchtime Losers" (MUSC Institute of Psychiatry) class just completed its final week and lost 140.5 lbs with a whopping average weight loss of 4.6%!

Our "Lunchtime Losers" (UMA Parkshore Centre) class just completed its 4th week and has already lost 77.4 lbs and an average weight loss of 2.3%.

Our "Happy Healthy Hour" (MUSC Children's Hospital) class just completed its 4th week and has lost 82.8 lbs and an average weight loss of 2.5%!

All three classes are doing (or did) tremendous! Visit our Facebook page to see how the individual teams are doing:

More information about Lunchtime Losers:

- 10-week program
- 1-hour weekly meetings
- Led by weight management professionals from the MUSC Weight Management Center (i.e., registered dietitian, psychologist, exercise physiologist)
- Emphasis on healthy eating, exercise, and other sustainable healthy lifestyle behaviors
- Prizes for top male, female, and team weight losers
- $98 for the entire program (payroll deduction available)

Lunchtime Losers and Happy Health Hour are provided by professionals from the MUSC Weight Management Center, in partnership with MUSC Employee Wellness. Email me if you would like to be added to our list of interested employees; I will email you once we set start dates for our upcoming classes (to start in January).

MUSC Weight Management Center

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