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Physician Focused
Project Members:                                                           Phone:        
Executive SponsorPat Cawley, MD792-9537
Project CoordinatorMelissa Forinash792-8966
Project Tech LeadJim Early792-1101
Clinical Services LiaisonMichael Irving792-4820
McKesson Project ManagerAlex Howard

Projects Currently Under Development


CPOE - Computerized Provider Order Entry

(HEO- Horizon Expert Orders)

CPOE is a computer application that allows physicians to input patient orders electronically.  Directly entering orders into a computer has the benefit of reducing errors by minimizing the ambiguity of hand-written orders, but a much greater benefit is seen with the combination of CPOE and clinical decision support tools.  Hand-written orders are eliminated, but verbal orders will still have a place in the process.


eCareNet Viewer Logo

ECareNet Viewer is the web based version of Oacis.  ECareNet Viewer will serve as the gateway to view data on all McKesson systems:

  • ClinDoc
  • AdminRx
  • Orders

Physican Portal

Physician Portal has been officially turned off.  Users are to use the eCareNet viewer (Oacis) to access clinical information.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Pat Cawley or Dr. John Waller.

Rule Alerts – Horizon Care Alerts

A rules-based, clinical expert system that monitors, detects, distills and organizes patient data, a major component is alerts on omission errors.  Initially, 3 alerts will be implemented.

Mobile Care Messaging

An automated message and information routing solution that securely connects healthcare departments, people and devices with multiple wired and wireless devices. 


  • delivers critical messages to the right person, the right place, in the right amount of time
  • ensures delivery
  • prioritizes messages based on content
  • monitors the status of messages sent to individuals, groups and devices
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